(move 'picocms 'jekyll)

Written on 2017-06-04

I happened to think what if I die, who will pay for my hosting. So today I migrate my main website and blog posts from PicoCMS hosted at Scaleway to Jekyll hosted at Github. What I cannot pay for domain name, my site can be still accessed by veer66.github.io

PicoCMS and Jekyll are based on Markdown so I just wrote a script for renaming my blog post file name and modifing some metadata by the shell script below:

Sh for x in *.md do T=`head -n4 $x | grep '^Title:' | sed 's/Title: //' | sed 's/[ "\|?\/\(\)]/-/g'` D=`head -n4 $x | grep '^Date' | sed 's/Date: //' | sed 's/\//-/g'` mv $x $D-$T.md done for x in *.md do cat $x | sed 's/\/\*//' | sed 's/\*\///' | sed 's/Title: /# /' > t && mv t $x done

If I outlive Github, I can just generate this site and host it somewhere else.

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